Idaho Fish & Game no longer requires Elk to be checked in.

Here are statistics for Idaho Elk taken from 1965 to 2004. Each year is a text file giving you lots of information such as the Elks age, date the Elk was taken, sex, where taken, size of the Elk's antlers, and lots more.

These big files (Some are over One Megabyte) seem to open OK in most web browsers but if you open them in Notepad you must make sure the "Word Wrap" feature is OFF. If you leave it on things will look real weird!

My thanks to Idaho Fish & Game Regional Wildlife Biologist Dave Spicer for providing the original Panhandle Mandatory Elk Check.mdb file from which I got this information.

Click on the year you want.

If you are trying to find the age of your Elk it will be easiest to look up the Kill Date.

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1998      1997      1996      1995      1994

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