The legend of the Beear

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The Beear
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The Beear

Beears are rare in North Idaho and soon all will be gone. They can live upwards of thirty years just like a normal Bear. Their real origin dates back to the early 1950s and has been suppressed by the US Government and the anti-hunting media. However, the truth always comes out.

In 1950 a small cub was rescued from a forest fire in the Capitan Mountains of New Mexico. He was taken care of for many years in a zoo and then escaped although the powers that be do not like to admit that it happened. He had lived the good life for too long and wanted to continue his movie star life style. However, he had no job skills and times were hard. As his picture shows the young Bear was a real "In Your Face" kind of guy and he was shifty too. He soon went over to the dark side.

He started smoking illegal drugs hence his nickname Smokie the Bear. Drug addled and hungry he became a serial Deer killer. Sad to say he sometimes would have his way with the Does that he killed but at the beginning of his sordid career he was sloppy and several Does got away alive. The innocent offspring of this unholy union was the Beear.

All of this information has been suppressed basically because of greed. The Government gets a free mascot that they can use as they choose and the media can press forward with it's anti hunting agenda. In one famous movie they insinuate that a mean, bad hunter wantonly kills a young deer's mother with the sound of a rifle shot off camera. It is a lie! In reality the hunter tried to save the young deer's mother who was being murdered by Smokie the Bear. The shot you hear is the hunter killing the drug crazed serial deer killer Smokie. Alas, the hunter was too late and despite preforming heroic life saving efforts including CPR, the mother deer died of her wounds.

It was not all bad. The hunter only had a bear tag so he called Fish & Game and they took the mother deer's body to a homeless shelter. So in the end she fed many homeless folk and her sacrifice was not invain.

Beears are generally sterile just like a Mule is so they do not Propagate in the wild. With Smokie gone there are just not very many of them being born in the wild. That is why you sometimes run across Beears in the woods and that is the truth... or at least it should be!



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